The Bryan Beardmore Collection Sale

Many of you will be aware that our friend and colleague Bryan Beardmore passed away in 2023. Although some pieces from his world-class Daniel reference collection have been donated to prestigious museums where the memory of Bryan's work will be preserved, the bulk of his collection - some thousands of items of porcelain - will be sold by auction. The first sale will take place at Duke's Auctions in Dorchester on 24th April 2024. It will be an opportunity to find some very rare pieces, which also have an association with our much-missed friend.

2023Book Daniel Patterns on Porcelain Tablewares
By S & G Pickett

The firm of H & R Daniel was amongst one of the leading pottery manufacturers of the 19th Century and garnered the patronage of the Earl of Shrewsbury. Most of their production was unmarked and unrecognised until Berthoud and Godden awoke interest in the firm through their writings and identification of wares. This work continues their efforts and those of the Daniel Ceramic Circle by reconstructing the Daniel pattern book pages on tablewares. With the exception of a few of the Daniel pattern pages, none are available in the public domain.

 Over 1700 photographs of surviving tableware examples and descriptions of many more made pieces
 Presented chronologically in sections on each of the 36 tableware shapes
 A record of patterns taken from the original pattern book pages
 Plate sizes, types of finials and some backstamps seen
 Pictures from the original Pattern book pages

The Book is priced at £55, post and packing extra at £10 for UK. For Overseas purchases please enquire for cost of postage and packaging. This book will be useful to collectors, researchers, dealers and auctioneers as an aid to Daniel tableware identification and will form a great talking point on the coffee table between friends and relatives alike. ISBN 978-0-9562391-4-3

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Pocket Guide H&R Daniel – A Pocket Guide to aid identification
By J & J Simpson, B Smith, B Beardmore, G & S Pickett

Identifying Daniel Porcelain Tablewares is the most frequently used reference book for Daniel collectors but is now out of print.It is also rather large for carrying around at antique centres or fairs and only shows patterns which have already been discovered and recorded. The current edition illustrates over 1100, and although a new edition is planned, which will contain a large number of additional patterns, the data available still represents less than half of the likely output from the Daniel manufactories.
Clearly, there are many more patterns still to be found and we hope that this easily portable Pocket Guide will assist you to discover some of the “missing” Daniel patterns

When faced with an unmarked item which may be a previously unknown Daniel pattern, it is essential to be able to identify the shape but how many of us can be confident of holding in our heads all the distinctive features, such as the twists of an Acanthus Base handle, the finial of a Chelsea cream bowl and the number and shape of the holes in Shell Pierced wares?
The Pocket Guide, published in 2018, starts from the viewpoint – what are you looking at? If, for example, the item in front of you is a plate, simply turn to the section on plates where all the known Daniel plate shapes are illustrated. Having identified the shape, another section provides a full description of each shape, approximate dates of manufacture, range of pattern numbers previously recorded and any further hints to aid identification. The 84 pages (A6 sized) contain nearly 400 illustrations, most in full colour. We believe the Pocket Guide will become an essential tool for anyone interested in Daniel wares and will lead to new discoveries.

ISBN: 978-0-956 239 112
The Pocket Guide costs £10 plus £2 P&P To order your copy please download the order form for details.

Ornamental coverNew Daniel Ornamental Book
By Brian Smith

ISBN: 978-1-5272-1013-4

Brian Smith’s new book Identifying Daniel Ornamental Wares was published in July 2017 in a limited edition of 150 copies. The A4 size book with laminated covers, which has 291 pages with over 620 colour illustrations, has been eagerly awaited not only by collectors of Daniel’s ornamental pieces but also by everyone with an interest in the wide range of items produced by the Daniel manufactories.
The only previous work on the topic, Michael Berthoud’s Daniel Ornamental Wares, was a 30 page Bulletin, dating from 2002. Valuable as that ground-breaking work was, it has long been out of print and copies are hard to come by. This far more substantial new work illustrates all 26 loose pages from the only known surviving ornamental Daniel pattern book found at the V&A Museum and includes a wealth of new information, illustrating many 'as-made' examples of vases, scent bottles, ewers, jars, standishes, and pen trays that have been identified over the last 15 years. It is a ‘must-have’ item for Daniel collectors.

You can order a copy direct from Brian at £36, plus £4 UK postage – overseas buyers please enquire for postage rates. The books are despatched in purpose-made protective boxes. You can contact Brian through this website – just click here.

H&R Daniel Earthenwares - POST FREE SPECIAL OFFER
By John and Jeannette Simpson, Brian Smith and Bryan Beardmore

The reputation of Henry and Richard Daniel is based on their glorious porcelain but, in spite of its importance to the commercial success of the company, little has been written about their huge production of earthenware. Signposts to Daniel earthenwares were provided in the pioneering works of Geoffrey Godden and Michael Berthoud, but few have followed that path until now. This is the first book to attempt a comprehensive survey of the various shapes and patterns produced in earthenware by H&R Daniel and to differentiate them from other contemporary manufacturers such as Thomas Dimmock & Co, to whom they are frequently attributed.

Brian Smith and Bryan Beardmore have between them over fifty years experience in identifying and collecting Daniel, and are co-authors of the most recent work on Daniel porcelain tablewares.  John and Jeannette Simpson had considerable experience as technical authors before being drawn into the ceramics world, and were editors of the Journal of the Daniel Ceramic Circle for 12 years.

Foreword by Geoffrey A Godden

Published in a limited edition of 200 copies by the Daniel Ceramic Circle with the generous support of the Transferware Collectors Club through the Paul and Gladys Richards Charitable Foundation Research Program.

134 pages, A4 paperback, full colour throughout. ISBN: 978-0-9562391-2-9

Price £15 post free within UK - overseas buyers please enquire. To order your copy please download the order form for details


If you think you have an item which might be Daniel, please check the Daniel wares section of the website and see if there is an item which corresponds in shape to your own.
If you then want confirmation that it is Daniel, please send no more than three photographs with individual file sizes of 1 MB or less, ensuring that you show the body shape of the item clearly and significant details such as cup handle shapes and any painted or printed mark.
We must make it clear that we are specifically Daniel collectors and not professional valuers. We cannot offer attributions in respect of any other manufacturers, nor do our volunteers have time to reply to such requests.
If there is no Daniel shape which corresponds to your item, please check the list of reference books for other contemporary manufacturers; although many are out of print they can usually be consulted at your local reference library.
The page of links may then help you to find other relevant contacts. You may also find it useful to consult the Facebook British Pottery and Porcelain discussion group where there are people with experience of a wide range of manufacturers.