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Henry Daniel was the decorator for Spode before setting up his own business in 1822. With his son Richard, he established the manufactory of H & R Daniel. Together they pioneered techniques of enamelling and gilding to produce some of the finest porcelain of the day. In their own day the high quality ceramics produced by H & R Daniel were highly regarded as the equals of Spode and Minton.

Daniel wares were, in the main unmarked, owing to the retailing system prevailing at the time, and this rarity of marked examples was the cause of the eclipse of their reputation until the late 1960s. Research by Leonard Whiter, Geoffrey Godden and Michael Berthoud and the important books they published brought the work of this remarkable factory back to the attention of dealers and collectors. Seminars held by Michael Berthoud led, in 1998, to the founding of the Daniel Collectors Circle, which subsequently became the Daniel Ceramic Circle. The aim of the DCC is to promote and expand knowledge of the work of H & R Daniel, by encouraging research into the wares themselves, the factories, and the family and by publishing relevant material. We also provide information to help identify Daniel items, both on a one-to-one basis and through publications

 Members are always able to bring items along to the annual Seminar, where an attributions session is included in the programme.

The Seminar, held each September, offers illustrated talks on various aspects of Daniel wares, and contributions from visiting speakers help members distinguish Daniel items from those of other manufacturers. There is no museum or stately home with particularly strong exhibitions of Daniel wares. The magnificent display of porcelain brought by members to the Seminar provides the best opportunity to see and handle Daniel wares, and buy or sell them at the sales table.

Members of the Circle include the eminent authors Michael Berthoud and Geoffrey Godden, whose pioneering books first brought the work of H & R Daniel to notice, as well as Brian Smith and Bryan Beardmore, authors of the current standard reference work Identifying Daniel Porcelain Tablewares, published by the DCC in 2009. This is now out of print and the planned update will be greatly expanded to incorporate the wealth of new information discovered since the first edition. Books on Daniel earthenware and ornamentals have been published, along with a Pocket Guide to facilitate identification of Daniel items when other reference works are not readily to hand.

The Circle also produces an illustrated full colour Journal twice a year containing a variety of articles written by members, specialist topics, research, and matters of general interest, together with the latest information on pattern numbers featuring coloured photos of new finds and updates. An indexed database of back issues is available to DCC members through the Members Only page.

This wealth of research material, together with ready access to the biggest specialist collections and the most comprehensive photographic databases of Daniel work means that the DCC is uniquely placed to provide authoritative advice. We are always happy to help with identifying potential Daniel items. There are still plenty of new discoveries to be made and further avenues of research to explore. The joy of Daniel is that whatever your level of experience you too can contribute to the overall body of knowledge.